Gas Runtz Sugar 2g


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Our sugar sauce gets its signature slushy texture from the careful combination of flavor-rich terpenes and THCa crystals. Our proprietary process retains the unique flavor and effects of the strains and cultivars we extract from, producing dabs that are just as delicious as the fresh flower from which they were processed. Sugar sauces are an excellent choice for anyone seeking maximum flavor and the benefits of full-spectrum cannabis extracts.
Our sugar is similar to sugar sauce, but has a higher ratio of THCa crystals to terpenes giving it a soft sandy consistency. Sugar is easy to handle and consume and also preserves the full-spectrum of beneficial cannabis compounds.

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White Label Extracts
White Label Extracts (WLE) philosophy is built on long lasting mutually beneficial business partnerships with farmers that share similar ideals and company standards to WLE. Our goal as a company is to offer the market the highest quality, highest purity, and safest product possible, for a competitive price, all while operating with a high level of transparency and ethical standards. A high quality, pesticide free extract starts with farmers who share our same desire for transparency and ethics.


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