Sour Guava Gelato x Headband Larry Diamonds 1g


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THCa “diamonds” are coveted by connoisseurs for their extremely high THCa content. These raw THCa crystals are separated out from the terpenes and other cannabinoids creating an intense, fast-acting dabbable, with a clean and intense cerebral buzz.
Similar to “diamonds”, our THCa sugar is made by separating the granules of THCa from the cannabis oils, resulting in pure, isolated THCa crystals ranging from the size and texture of grains of sand to a soft powder consistency. THCa sugar can be dabbed on its own for an immediate intense cerebral effect, or it can be easily sprinkled into any blunt, joint, or right on top of your bowl to enhance your favorite flower!

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White Label Extracts (WLE) philosophy is built on long lasting mutually beneficial business partnerships with farmers that share similar ideals and company standards to WLE. Our goal as a company is to offer the market the highest quality, highest purity, and safest product possible, for a competitive price, all while operating with a high level of transparency and ethical standards. A high quality, pesticide free extract starts with farmers who share our same desire for transparency and ethics.


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