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cbz’s are curated to ensure that you are able to sleep soundly with the least number of additives possible.

The added melatonin allows our customers to hit snooze without any unneeded unnatural additives. Third party lab tested close to 10 times before they reach you.

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About this brand

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Zelle Farms
Are you looking for unique and high-quality CBD products to satisfy your customers' needs? Or would you like to build your own brand, resell existing brands or add new CBD products to your range? We offer you first-class goods directly from the manufacturer and guarantee you attractive conditions and discounts, which of course means significantly higher profit margins for you.
Zelle Hemp Company is a renowned manufacturer of CBD oils, THC, and other innovative CBD products such as coffee, supplements, honey, gummies, pre-rolls, vapes, and much more. We offer our goods wholesale and in bulk as white label and private label products.
Zelle is the new brand for high-quality CBD on the market. We produce, harvest, hand-picked,and process our organic hemp products from our ecological cultivation and offer them directly from the manufacturer.
All our products are 100% natural and are subject to strict, regular controls. We test all our products and raw materials at every step of our process in laboratories run by qualified professionals to ensure our products are the best in the business. We guarantee first-class quality, transparency, and sustainability.
We want to offer our business partners CBD products from our production at the best prices.
With us, you will find a large selection of numerous CBD products. This includes various fullspectrum/broad-spectrum CBD oils for humans and animals, CBD roll-on, capsules, gummies,coffee, honey, soap, and Delta 8, 9 lower than <0.3, Delta 10, THC-O, and edibles. We also offer White Label starting from 25 pieces.


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