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“This is my "go to" club for 90% of what I shop for when it comes to my medicine. They are a referral only collective at this time, however if you are fortunate enough to get invited to them, you will taste and experience probably the best deals in ALL of Vallejo. Easily and arguably in the top three clubs in the North Bay! Highly recommended , no pun!! Where to start, first they usually have as extensive a choice list of strains and as well balanced a mix between indicas, sativas, and hybrids as most anywhere you will find. Second, they lab test every Thursday and most often have strains which are off the charts in potency for those of us who prefer a little kick with our medicine. They post a monthly calendar in advance with deals throughout the week (including compassionate opportunities to work for medicine) which are well worth your time. Potency tests most often include a range of different purples in the usual high teens to Ryan's OG's between 23-27% to the famous Tina's Girl Scout Cookies which is my absolute favorite and comes in at a whopping 31.65% THC. One hit wonder stuff!!! Oh and did I mention the incredible and BEST part of being a patient there is ALL STRAINS are capped at $10!!!!!! Unf^*#ingbelievable, yes sireee!! So find a friend who is a patient and help support this awesome collective. Thanks much to all who work there for making my shopping for my medicine such an easy and desirable process when needed. Thank you all at 101 NORTH!! Keep up the great work. Most Sincerely CFB3”

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“Completely in love with this place! Everything is awesome sauce!! Love the cats :)”

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