949 420 Wellness Collective Deals

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  • Rewards Program (New Patients)

    New Patients Receive $75.00 store credit after only 5 future orders! The new patient rewards card is punched five times upon the first order)!

    Valid from 7/1/2017 to 1/1/2018.

    Good for new patients only

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  • New Patient Gift

    All new patients receive five rewards card punches and a choice of the following: 1. Free gram of our fantastic flower. 2. A 949 420 lighter and grinder combo 2. A free 15mg edible candies (choice of CBD, Indica, Sativa)

    Valid from 7/1/2017 to 5/1/2019.

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  • Ongoing Reward Program: $75.00 Store Credit for our regulars for every 10 deliveries

    Ongoing Reward Program: All patients receive $75.00 store credit that can be used on anything we carry for every 10 deliveries.

    Valid from 7/1/2017 to 1/1/2018.

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