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1:1:1 FLOW Cooling Stick [3oz] (900mg)

Strain rating:
THC 900.0mg
1:1:1 FLOW Cooling Stick [3oz] (900mg)
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About this product

Easy to use and mess-free, this cucumber-mint topical stick is designed to provide cooling, soothing relief whenever (and wherever) you need it. -- Cocoa butter, terpenes, proven herbal extracts, and our unique Canna Vera combine with 900mg cannabinoids to help you feel the FLOW. -- What is Canna Vera? Canna Vera is a unique-to-Fairwinds extract that allows the full effects of cannabis to shine. Comprised of polysaccharides, lipids, and waxes juiced from the cannabis plant, we use Canna Vera in our FLOW topicals for its consistency (similar to Shea Butter) and because it delivers a noticeable difference in effects.

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