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    Sugar wax is BACK! $16/M $17/NM $420/oz! Flo & Gorilla Glue- more strains to come!

    Valid from 2/21/2018.

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  • Craft Concentrates Vendor Booth!

    Craft Concentrates Vendor Booth this Friday 3-5 pm! Stop in for swag, sales, meet & greet and 20% off ALL Craft Concentrates Products!

    Valid from 2/19/2018 to 2/24/2018.

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  • Caviar Sale!

    Caviar is on SALE! $16/G members $18/G non-members! Alien OG, Green Crack, Summit, Deep Pow, Avalanche and more!

    Valid from 2/16/2018 to 2/23/2018.

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  • Incredibles Chews SALE!

    Incredibles Chews are on SALE! $19/M $20/NM! Indica, Sativa & Hybrid; Fruit, Cinnamon & Red Licorice!

    Valid from 2/19/2018 to 2/26/2018.

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  • Distillate Syringes SALE!

    ALL Distillate Syringes are on SALE! Oil Stix & Mana- $24/M $26/NM The Refinery- $31/M $34/NM! Chem 91, Pre 98 Bubba, Hybrid Blend, Banana Chunk, NY Strawberry Biesel & MORE!

    Valid from 2/21/2018 to 2/28/2018.

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  • $79/$89/$99 Ounces of Flower!

    Ounce cabinet-rotating stock an pricing; call for strains and pricing

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  • 28-Gram Wax & Shatter Slabs!

    $390 for a 28 gram slab of wax or shatter! Multiple strains available.

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  • 7 Gram Wax and Shatter Slabs!

    7 gram wax and shatter slabs $110 each! Buy 2- $105 each! Buy 4 or more- $100 each!

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  • $420 oz of Wax/Sugar Wax!

    $420 for an ounce of individual grams of wax or sugar wax! Yeti Farms and Infinite Infusions! Mix and match, multiple strains available

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  • $450 oz of Shatter!

    $450 oz of individual grams of shatter from Yeti Farms! Multiple strains available

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