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  • **420 Deals **420 Deals **420 Deals**

    This 420 is going to be one of the best for all consumers! You will see some of the best cannabis at some of lowest prices ever seen! $9 Eighths / $66 Ounce MED $5*7*14*28*55 REC $6*9*17*34*66 *Blood Orange Tangie (M $40oz. R $48oz.) *Berner Cookies *Brian Berry C. (M $40oz. R $48oz.) *Conspiracy Kush *Dream Queen *G Bears (M $40oz. R $48oz.) *GG4(Holy Child) *Kryptonite *Magoo (M $40oz. R $48oz.) *Mendo Breath *Roast Beef Cut *Scout OG *Snowland *Strawberry Diesel (M $40oz. R 48oz.) *Wintermint $13 Eighths / $87 Ounce MED $5*11*22*44*72 REC $6*13*36*52*87 *3X Cherry *Animal Cookies *Buddha’s Gouda *Dogwalker(Orekron) *Durban Poison *Golden Ticket *Gorilla Snacks *Laura Winslow *Lucky 9 *New York Hindu *Nitro Cookies *Skywalker OG *Strawberry Cough *Trainwreck “96” *Valley Chem OG $21 Eighths / $120 Ounce MED $5*13*25*50*81 REC $6*15*30*60*91 *Animism 4 *Animism 6 *Banana Kush *Cherry Chem *Death Star *Dog Cookies 6 *Grease Monkey *Guava Gelato *Lemon Tree *Marion Berry Kush *Pineapple Chunk *Pineapple Trainwreck *Scooby Snacks(HOTF) *Tahoe OG *White Tahoe OG *Zour Patch Kids TOP SHELF FLOWER DEALS MED $7*20*35*67*125 REC $8*24*42*80*150 *Breathwork *Cactus *Cookies N Cream 13 *Dawgy Treats *Dosiface *GSC(Left Coast) *Granddaddy Purple *Hazmat OG *Lemon Chifon *Lucid *Opulent OG *Platinum Animal Cookies *Purple Punch *SFV OG MEDICAL CARD HOLDER QUARTER POUND DEALS *Blood Orange Tangie $150/QP *Berner Cookies $200/QP *Kryptonite $200/QP *White Tahoe OG $320/QP *Purple Punch $425/QP *Hazmat OG $425/QP *Dawgy Treats $450/QP EXTRACTS- OREGON GENETICS - **DIAMONDS** MED $40 REC $48 **Afghan Cheese **Blueberry Cookies **Costal Hawaiian **Jack Herer *Jager **Limeberry **South Fork Kush OREGON GENETICS - *LIVE RESIN* MED $15 REC $18 *OZ *Pitbull *Purple Kush *Sour Apple *Three Kings **PURCHASE 5 GRAMS OF OREGON GENETICS TAKE AN ADDITIONAL $10 off YOUR ORDER** White Label Extracts MED $17 REC $20 * Animism *Bubble Gum *Cinex * Fruit N Fuel *GG4 x Rude Boi *Golden Lemons *Grapefruit *Grease Monkey *Lambs Bread *Peach Cheese Wreck *Pink Zkittles *Poly Haze Locktite *SFV OG 7 *Slymer x Big Bud *Strawberry Cough **PURCHASE 5 GRAMS OF WHITE LABEL EXTRACTS TAKE AN ADDITIONAL $5 off YOUR ORDER** Willamette Valley Alchemy MED $19 REC $23 *Albert Walker x Cherry Pie *Dogwalker *Dosi Ice Resin 90-73u *Starkiller *Tangie Headband *Tangie Sherbert More Deals From WVA MED $15 REC $18 *Blueberry Cough (2-.5g) *Chemdawg *Dosi Ice Resin45-25u *Double Agent *Harambe Glue *Jack Herer *Shire *Silvertip *White Russian DEGENERATE MED $8 REC $10 *Huckleberry *Jack N Cheese *MW x RHK *OG Chem *Ogre *Sunset Sherbet *Tangie **PURCHASE 5 GRAMS OF Degenerate TAKE AN ADDITIONAL $5 off YOUR ORDER** PORTLAND EXTRACTS MED $13 $16 *CBD Medi Haze *GG12 *Lemon Berry *Purple Punch VIBRANT HIGHS *EHO MED $10 REC $12 *Mendo Fruit *Pineapple Queen Dirty Arm Farm *Live Resin *Dog Walker & *Mendo Breath MED $25 REC $30 Dirty Arm Farm *Live Resin MED $32 REC $39 *Cookies *Clementine *Invader *Lemon Diesel *Sherbert DIRTY ARM FARM *Stardawg Live Resin* MED $17 REC $22 **So Many More Deals Not Listed. Extreme In-Store Specials**

    Valid from 4/19/2018 to 4/23/2018.

    First Come First Serve

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  • **4/20 Sale Information** **3 Day Sale Event - Lowest Cannabis Prices This Country Has Ever Seen!**

    **Update 4/19/18 - **1 Day Away! - All 420 deals will be leaked by 11:30pm tonight! The deals are so extreme! We will not be under sold!** Stay Tuned!** **Update 4/17/18 - We will have over 300 deals!! Virtual menus will be available at by 11pm 4/19/18. **Update 4/11/18 - We will have over $5000 in giveaways. Special gift bags for the first 100 people!. Everyone who visits will also get a small gift!** 4/20 is fast approaching! We will be bringing you the biggest sales event and the lowest cannabis prices this country has ever seen! Stay Tuned to Leafy and our Instagram @americannarx__PDX for more information!

    Valid from 4/11/2018 to 4/23/2018.

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