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Chasca Live Resin Vape Cart

Strain rating:
THC 77.5%
Chasca Live Resin Vape Cart
½ gram
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About this product

AlphaPinene: 2.77% | BetaCaryophyllene: 0.54% | BetaMyrcene: 3.66% | BetaPinene: 0.52% | CBG: 2.67% | Humulene: 0.2% | Limonene: 2.17% | Linalool: 0.28% | THC: 77.45% | THC9: 77.45% | TotalTerpenes: 11.3% -- Cross of Super Silver Haze and Chem ’91 from Lucky Dog Seed Co that provides a sour lemon taste, PineSol-esque aroma, and giddy effects. Utilized for depression and stress-relief - can be enjoyed at any-time by novices or experienced consumers. High Concentrations of Pinene, Myrcene, and Limonene can be found in Chasca. -- Made with premium fresh frozen buds, Live Resin Vape Carts are a half gram of terpene rich, high potency concentrate. These carts are compatible with any 510 thread battery and a convenient way to enjoy your favorite District Cannabis flavor profile on the go.

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