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GMO 3.5g

THC 20.3%
CBD 0.0%
GMO 3.5g
⅛ ounce
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About this product

GMO aka Garlic Cookies | Indica-Dominant Hybrid | chemdawg x GSC | 3.5g | GMO is not a genetically modified plant but it is probably one of the most popular strains if not the most popular Indica dominant Hybrid at this point in time. It’s heavy lineage make it hard hitting and extremely potent. This is indica sometimes known as Garlic Cookies is a cross of the potent ChemDawg and the solid GSC strain. Looking back one generation from those strains, we are looking at Durban X OG kush and Sour Diesel x OG Kush. Spicy Durban, Double, OG, and Gassy Sour D- the perfect storm to create a heavily sedating strain with incomparable flavor. Its aroma is sometimes compared to the culinary holy trinity aka garlic, mushroom, and onion; hence the acronym. When opening a jar of GMO, the user is immediately slapped in the face with a strong sour foot smell, others compare it to a mixture of burnt rubber and fast food. Chem always expresses itself as a fuely, spicy, gas and is the true backbone to the GMO flavor, but when blended with Durban’s herbal peppery terpenes and the classic earth pine of OG it results in one of the most flavorful, powerful, and all around amazing strains to ever be packed in a bowl. This strain was discovered by SkunkMasterflex and its appearance is usually dark green buds with purple hues. The chem tends to have dense buds a more elongated structure which is also seen in the GMO. Its effects are heavy all the way around, a great strain for sedation or sleep aid. It also finds good use as a pain reliever, and for inflammation. With a mentally uplifting high that creates euphoric space this is the perfect day ender bud. This ultra potent strain’s terpene content contains Limonene, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Humulene. With about a 12 week flowering period, moderate yield, and strong odor, this is not a novice growers best choice to cultivate. Exhale the garlic and fall into space, is the best way to describe this strain in the simplest terms.        

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