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Breakwater Treatment & Wellness
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Effects: Uplifting, Euphoric, Functional ------------- Helpful For: Anxiety, Fatigue, Pain, Stress, Depression, Headache ------------- Clementine x Purple Punch ------------- Mimosa has been a rising star in the cannabis community since 2017. It was bred by Symbiotic Genetics, a seed company formed through the collaboration of The Village and Budologist. The well-respected duo fused DNA Genetics / Crockett Family Farms Clementine (Tangie X Lemon Skunk) with legendary Hawaiian breeder Supernova Gardens’ Purple Punch (Larry OG X Grandaddy Purple) to create this cultivar. Notes of sweet citrus rind, fresh pine, and hints of tart blueberry can be found throughout phenotypes of Mimosa. Upon opening a jar of Breakwater’s in-house selection of Mimosa, the overwhelming orange/tangerine scent can’t be missed. Breaking open a bud gives rise to pine notes and both flavors carry over to the exhale of the smoke or vapor. An immediate sense of calm and happiness is quickly followed by an uptick in energy, increased motivation, and focus. It is an ideal strain to start or finish weekend chores.

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