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10% off or 5gram 1/8th! mention Leafly! What is Brown Dog? We were formed as a California Mutual Benefit Non-Profit Corporation. Our goal is simple, to provide the very best medicine to local patients for less than any other service in the area. We serve legitimate patients who need quality medicine. We grow CBD medication for those who need it. We don’t simply talk about the benefits of CBD, we grow it. We breed CBD. We consume CBD. We don’t simply focus on wax, hash, and getting high. We actually do focus our minds on one main goal: To provide the very best medical marijuana available anywhere. If that sounds interesting to you, then please give us a call to see how we are different. Quality and Safety Brown Dog grows all the medication we offer for donation. We do not buy from vendors. You may wonder why this is important. The two main reasons are safety and quality. When you buy from vendors you do not know where the product was actually grown. You do not know what chemicals were used in the process. And you do not know if there was any mold or other issues that could contaminate your medicine. In short, you don’t know anything about the medicine or how safe it is to actually consume. Secondly, most vendors do not offer superior product. Most offer medicine that could not easily find a home and needed a salesman to place it. Our medicine is truly top shelf. Amazing quality, amazing purity, amazing flavors, and of course, amazing EFFECT! If you are tired of not getting the kind of effect you need for real relief, we understand. We have had inferior medicine and know the difference. In fact our growers boast the ability to “smell stress” on a growing plant. Yeah, I know it is odd, but our growers are nothing short of odd. They spend all their time with their plants and truly know when the plants are upset. When was the last time your cooperative said they knew their plants well enough to tell when they were having a bad day? Sound like overkill? Maybe… but we think it is just a necessity. Pesticides We don’t use any pesticide that isn’t organic, in production, ever. We create an amazing IPM (Integrated Pest Management) routine that uses organic horticultural oils and natural beneficial bacteria and fungi to keep the root zone healthy and pest free. We never spray anything on the buds, ever. And we literally have grown long enough to have seen almost every plant problem in the book. We have dealt with them all, and know what to do when that dreaded time comes again. And it does not involve poisoning the medicine. You can trust us with your health. We smoke and consume the very same medicine every day of the year. We would never risk the health of our family or our members. This once again goes back to not using vendors. When a commercial grower has a problem they nuke it with pesticides. They cannot afford to throw away the product. We will toss anything that is not safe or infected in a heartbeat. Genetics We have some pretty unique genetics, along with some totally unique in house bred strains. So if you see a different strain on our menu and wonder if we made up the name, we probably did, but not like you are used to. This is not a rename. It is a totally new strain we created! Yes we do create strains. We will have lots of new ones coming every month so stay tuned and get ready to find your ideal medical strain!

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