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Heart-focused and patient-focused, we want to offer the highest quality service, with the highest quality products. Transparency is at our core and we pride ourselves on providing full spectrum testing to ensure that all products pass mold, pesticide, heavy metals, and residuals - as well as full canabanoid and terpene profiles on all strains so you can be sure what is (and is not) in your medicine. ** To place orders, please contact the phone line. Will need to send picture of DPH card and MA license for service** **DELIVERY ONLY - NO STORE FRONT** ___ * Veteran’s Discount: 10% (on sale price up to $600) * Over 65 Discount: 10% (on sale price up to $600) *$200 Minimum on orders. *$20 Delivery fee - waived if order over $400 *Store hours reflect phone hours, but delivery hours may vary


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25% OFF SELECTED FLOWERS any size. Cannot be combined with other flower deals.

Valid from 5/5/2017.

Includes Strains: Agent Orange, Blue Afghani, Blue Dream, Jager/Purple Hindu Kush, Mr. Nice Train, Purple Diesel, SFV OG, Shishkaberry

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“I had to travel down to the Cape for a weekend wedding, and I was expecting to have to go all the way to Brocton to get my meds. I ended up giving cannabiscrew a call after hearing good things from my doctor. I was absolutely blown away by the quality of not only the flower, but the customer service itself. When I texted over to place my order, I heard back within no less than 2 minutes. I almost could not believe it; within another 10 minutes, the helpful head of customer service, George, was able to find 4 perfect strains for my condition. To my surprise, I was also able to buy a full ounce of each strain! After being limited at some many different dispensaries to 1/4 of almost every strain, getting 4 full ounces blew my mind. As to the delivery itself, I was contacted directly by the driver within 2 hours of my order being finalized. The driver offered me 3 different delivery slots the next day, as they were apparently already filling up 24 hours in advance (I can see why!). I picked a 15 minute window in the later afternoon, and my caregiver arrived literally within 3 minutes of the window opening. Not only was Shelley one of the nicest people I have ever met, but she took the time to come into my vacation home, answer my pesky questions about all of the different strains, and even gave me a free edible just for my first order with her. What a wonderful experience, I will never go anywhere else ever again!”

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“Bomb bud, honest people, truly care about their patients! What more do you want?!”

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