Cannabis Nation Seaside Deals

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  • 😙💨4/20 Palooza by Cannabis Nation

    ~MIND BENDING, EYE WATERING, REALITY CHANGING~ First 50 customers get a free Goodie bag 😘 || Five Dollar FIRE🔥🔥🔥 -Jack Herer, Pineapple, and Super Lemon Haze || Top Shelf Cannabis Nation Flower on Special🤯 Available ALL WEEKEND (20th-22nd) MULTIPLE STRAINS! Veterans and Seniors(55+) get an additional 10% off || 1 Gram In-House Prerolls for $5 💥 || Wyld Savings 😋 -Gummies and Chocolate Packs as low as $14.28 per pack || Buddies Distillate Cartridges 🤩 -$36 for a full gram (80+% THC), 6 Strains available || MONSTER ROLLS 👻 👽 -7g Pre-roll for $50, multiple strains available including GOLDEN TICKET (28.90% THC) || New! LIVE RESIN Pre-rolls 🤠 -$14 per pre-roll, 3 strains available || AVITAS FLASH SALE!⚡️ 4pm - 7pm only Avitas Flower discounted and .5g cartridges for $15.30!! || RAFFLE TICKETS START AT 4:20pm with every purchase! 🎟 || FREE SNACKS AND DRINKS AVAILABLE ALL DAY 🥤🍬🍫 || 15% OFF EVERYTHING ELSE! 😎 ||

    Valid from 4/16/2018 to 4/23/2018.

    Deals start on 4/20. Purchase limits and discount restrictions apply, All items limited to supply on hand. Only Cannabis Nation Flower sale available until the 22nd. Listed Prices are POST-TAX. Inquire for additional details. Happy 4/20 😀

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  • 🌳Cannabis Nation Cultivation Flower Sale🌳

    10% off ALL Cannabis Nation Cultivation Flower!🤑 Multiple pricing options on tons of strains and your favorites have become even more affordable!😲 And yes this 10% discount is stack-able with our existing Veteran and Senior 10% off!🤯 Come save some green on our top-shelf green😉

    Valid from 2/9/2018 to 7/2/2018.

    . 10% off all Cannabis Nation Flower stack-able with Veteran and Senior Discount only 20% max discount on flower.

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    Taking a trip to the beach? First time customers can get half off a premium 0.7G or 1.0G preroll! Welcome to Seaside! *signature needed for pre-roll*

    Valid from 4/1/2017 to 5/2/2018.

    One discount per person

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  • 🛀 😊 Feel Good Friday~! 😊 🛀

    15% off topicals and Hemp-Based CBD products (Non-taxed 😌) to help melt the pain away! Available every Friday!

    Valid from 9/11/2017 to 5/1/2018.

    No additional discounts apply.

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  • Waxy Wednesday!🔥🤯

    😚💨All Shatter, Dabbables, Wax/Crumble, and Live Resins on sale for 15% off every Wednesday!🤩🤩

    Valid from 5/15/2017 to 5/31/2018.

    No additional discounts. Some restrictions apply.

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  • 😊 Cannabis Nation Happy Hour! 😊

    Stop by between 5:00 and 7:00 any day of the week and get $2 off any in-house pre-roll!

    Offer cannot be used at same time as half-off pre-roll for a review. Applies to in-house prerolls only. OLCC restrictions apply.

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  • C O Tuesdays!😗💨

    ALL cartridges 15% off EVERY TUESDAY!!

    Valid from 5/15/2017 to 5/1/2018.

    No additional discounts. Some restrictions apply.

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  • SwaggerDay!👕🎩

    EVERY SATURDAY all apparel, swag, and glass is 15% off!

    Valid from 1/31/2018 to 5/1/2018.

    No additional discounts apply.

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  • Top Tier Thursday

    One randomly selected Cannabis Nation Cultivation strain will be offered at a special discounted rate for the rest of the week!

    Valid from 2/1/2018 to 9/1/2018.

    No additional discounts. Regular OLCC Restrictions apply. Limited to supply on hand.

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