Cannabliss & Co. - Sorority House Deals

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  • Ounce Specials

    $40 Quarter (pre-tax): Birthday Cake (Jefferson State Farm) | Pineapple Kush (Emerald Wave) | White Island (Emerald Wave) $160 OZ (pre-tax): Astral OG (Ten Four Farms) | Black Diamond (Rogue Lair) | Bleeding Goat (Phresh) | C-land (Garden of Odin) | Chocolate Hashberry (Rogue Lair) | Lemonade Meringue (Ten Four Farms) | Pineapple Kush (Emerald Wave) | Platinum GSC (Ten Four Farms) | Snowman Cookies (Rogue Lair) | White Island (Emerald Wave TOP SHELF $99 Oz Special (pre-tax): Birthday Cake (Jefferson State Farm) | Cornbread (Green Choice) | Cookies Estrella (Green Cross) | Crème Brûlée (Green Choice) | Ghost Train Haze (Phresh) | I-95 (Archive) | Kona Gold (Virgin Cannabis) | L.A. Confidential Cheese (Green Forest) Lavender OG (Garden of Odin) | Louise OG (Phresh) | Prodigium (Phresh) | Red Headed Stranger (Phresh) | Rose OG Kush (Phresh) | Skunkberry (Phresh) | Sour Jack (Phresh) $89 OZ(pre-tax): Blue Magoo OD (Oregon Roots) | Blueberry Peaches (54 Green Acres) | Green Dragon (54 Green Acres) | Harlequin OD (Oregon Roots) $75 OZ (pre-tax): Purple Trainwreck (Rosebud) $50 OZ (pre-tax): Green Crackle CBD B-Buds (King’s Cannabis) Purchase any Top Shelf 1/8: $2.50 Pre-Roll! 5 House Pre-rolls for $20! | 10 House Pre-rolls for $35! ***While Supplies Last!***

    Valid from 7/16/2017 to 12/19/2018.

    1 Ounce Per Person Per Day Except Medical

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