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Clear View Care and Collective was started with one simple goal in mind: treating people who suffer from debilitating pains and conditions. We have always wanted to help alleviate the symptoms that affect people with diseases like cancer, disorders like anxiety and depression, and even every day issues like stress and pain. We strongly believe in medical marijuana and its ability to treat a wide variety of issues, including those listed above. VALID CALIFORNIA ID AND REC REQUIRED FOR PURCHASE. FTP: (Pick 2) FREE EDIBLE FREE HASH FREE GRAM FLOWER (--Daily Deals--) ALL DEALS MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Monday: Add an edible to your order and get $5 OFF YOUR TOTAL! Tuesday: Add a Concentrate get one $5 OFF YOUR TOTAL! (Excluding vape carts) Wednesday: Free gram of flower for orders $50 or more. Thursday: Free half gram of shatter for orders $50 or more. Friday: Buy an 8th Presidential OG or Sour Diesel and get a free gram (three 1/8 limit) Saturday: Add 5 Half Gram House Pre-Rolls for $15 (2.5 grams total) Sunday: Buy one Vape Cart get one $5 off. REFERRAL DEAL Refer a friend for a free gram, every five friends is a free 8th LOYALTY PROGRAM All patients will receive a free 8th for every 8/8ths (1 ounce) they purchase! All patients will receive a FREE EDIBLE every 5 they purchase. All patients will receive $5 off every 5 concentrates they purchase. (Excluding vape carts) ORDERS MUST BE PLACED 15 MINUTES BEFORE CLOSING TIME Delivery charge may apply. There is a MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT of $50 for delivery to certain areas, call or text for details. All free product can and may be chosen at our discretion.

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“Knocked me out... holy god that weed was strong! I have bad insomnia and this helped me more than I can explain, thank you.”

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Thank you very much! I'm glad the medicine treated you well. Hope to hear from you soon!

“Clear View Care really IS a caring collective! IThey were so patient in answering all of my questions and they gave me great deals on products that have helped me so much. I've referred lots of my friends to them because they really know their stuff. My joint pain has actually diminished considerably and I found out that CBD even aids in combatting osteoporosis. My friends use CBD for treating their migraines and also for anxiety and depression. No side effects whatsoever. At first I was hesitant to use it, thinking CBD would make me feel high and make it hard for me to work. Nope. I felt so clear, so normal...I actually forgot to check how I was feeling on it! Wow! They also carry Foria Wellness. Ladies... and Gents, too, Seriously, whether you're younger or older, there's something for you! Whether it's helping with orgasms, menstrual cramps, pain from endometriosis, vaginal dryness, lower back pain...I can't believe how great this stuff is. It's a shame everyone isn't using it. Tell your friends that they also have the full line of Kurvana vape products, too. Those little cartridges are like a full medicine cabinet in a portable pen. I hope everyone learns how to use medical marijuana for the greater good. Just say no to big pharma and start feeling great! It's so simple. Thank you, Clearview Care & Collective for making a difference and for delivering so promptly, too! 🙏😀 You're really doing a good thing.”

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Thank you so much for the amazing review! We always want what is best for our patients and are happy to answer any questions they may have.


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