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  • “Holy crap never thought leaving a review would be this difficult. Ok so now that the site has fixed things 😠 Let me say this. These clones are the Bomb. About damn time someone has something that isn't infested with mildew or mites. Chris even had a microscope with him for me to inspect the plants. Only thing on them was a stowaway ladybug which he told me he keeps a farm of them in his rooms as an extra measure to prevent pests. Now see that is what's up. This guy definitely cares more about the buyer than the buck in his pocket. My first review was short but since waiting for the site to fix an issue so I can re post I've been talking with Chris and this dude truely cares about me having a successful grow. We talked about nutrients and what he uses. He told me everything and everyone knows no one does that. Still amazes me your clones root in 5-6 days man. He was also straight up with me when I got my critical kush and GDP that one strain I wanted didn't look that great and he didn't want to sell to me till it started to look better. That's honesty I almost didn't buy but ended up calling back and getting some anyways. Truth when it count. Thanks Chris stay legit man. Chris”

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