Club Sky High Deals

Call for delivery:
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    $35 Minimum Charge No Delivery Fee in North Portland! Delivery Hours 11am-7pm Call at 503-719-5801 Only Available to Deliver to Residential Address's inside the Portland Area.

    Valid from 8/7/2017.

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  • Blow Out Sale!!

    Come in and check out our BLOW OUT SALE on a variety of edibles, shatter & cartridges!

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  • 2018 NEW MENU PRICES!!

    Gold REC $14.40/g $48/e $90/q $168/h $300/oz MED $12/g $40/e $75/q $140/h $250/oz Silver REC $12/g $42/e $78/q $144/h $240/oz MED $10/g $35/e $65/q $120/h $200/oz Blue REC $10.80/g $36/e $66/q $120/h $210/oz MED $9/g $30/e $55/q $100/h $175/oz Green REC $9.60/g $30/e $54/q $102/h $180/oz MED $8/g $25/e $45/q $85/h $150/oz Yellow REC $6/g $18/e $36/q $66/h $120/oz MED $5/g $15/e $30/q $55/h $100/oz Red REC $3.60/g $12/e $24/q $48/h $90/oz MED $3/g $10/e $20/q $40/h $75/oz

    Valid from 1/1/2018.

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