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“Wow....this NJ dispo is 100% legit. I am very pleased I switched here from CCFNJ. I've been living in CO for 18 months and am back in NJ for maybe 6 months. I used to use CCFNJ in EHT but their quality has degraded to a completely unacceptable level. Only place in NJ where you can get quality flower and only place that make lozenges and topicals via CO2 super critical extraction. Their extractions contain 5% CBD and 50% THC. The 5% CBD is a definite "bonus" making these products true medical cannabis products. They also sell pre-rolls. This place also understands that developing terpenes in both the growing AND curing process is essential to medical cannabis. They're not making excuses like other state ATC's and just packaging up uncured product and blaming the state for making the program too restrictive. Since it was my first visit I just purchased 1/8's of 4 different strains - Gorilla Glue #4 (GG#4), Hindu Kush (HK), Silver Tip (ST), & Albert's Super Silver Sour Diesel (ASD). I love GG#4 and this GG#4 is great. The HK is beautiful....purpled up nicely, covered in trichs. The ST is frosty and potent. The higher CBG content is a big plus. The ASD is outstanding. Potent and terp-a-licious!! The staff are nice and knowledgeable.”

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“Wonderful knowledgeable staff. The only dispensary with lozenges (edibles) in the state. That is why I make the almost 3 hour round trip drive. ”

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