Curaleaf - Bordentown (Med)

Curaleaf - Bordentown (Med)

BordentownNew Jersey
166.9 miles away

Mango CBD Chill Bites 50mg CBD (25mg Per Bite)

CBD 50.0mg
Mango CBD Chill Bites 50mg CBD (25mg Per Bite)
Curaleaf - Bordentown (Med)
Open until 9pm ET
|166.9 miles away

About this product

Select Chill Bites, Mango 2-Pack - 25mg CBD per Bite 50 mg CBD total - Traffic jam. Laundry piles. Talking on mute. When you have 99 reasons to be stressed, here?s one that?ll have you feeling 100. Made with super-calming CBD, Chill Bites will have you saying, ?this is fine? when everything is on fire. - We believe cannabis is a conduit to elevated moments, experiences, and connections. So we focus on elevating everything we do?from product quality and innovation, to cultural experiences that inspire and connect us. Always with a higher purpose of inclusion, normalization, and progress. Because elevated should be for everyone. - This is more than just cannabis. This is cannabis elevated.

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