Denver Kush Club Deals

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  • Recreational Ounce Deals!

    $116/ounce (tax included)

    Select strains, no extra discounts apply

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  • Slabs of Concentrate on special!

    3.5 g Slabs of Wax and Shatter $68 out the door

    No extra discounts apply. Select Strains.

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  • Monday - 1/8th Special

    Start your week off right. Come in on a Monday and get ANY 1/8th at a discount! $27.50 (+tax)

    Limit one per customer per day.

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  • Tuesday/Thursday - Edible and Topical Special

    On Tuesdays or Thursdays we'll take an extra 20% off of your favorite Edible and Topical Products.

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  • Wax Wednesday

    If you want to stock up on Kush Concentrates, this is your day! Stop by on a Wednesday and receive an extra 20% off of Wax, Shatter, Live Resin and Vape Pen Cartridges!

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  • Friday & Saturday - Discount Joint

    On Friday or Saturday you can add a $4 discount joint to your purchase! Hooray for the weekend! We also offer 20% off of all Denver Kush Club Apparel every Saturday!

    Limit of one discount joint per customer per day with a purchase.

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  • Sunday - Buyer's Choice!

    If you couldn't make it in during the week, you're in luck - on Sunday you can choose ANY of our daily specials. Discount 1/8th, 20% off Edibles and Topicals, 20% off Concentrates, 20% off Denver Kush Clothing or a discount joint... you name it!

    Limit of one discount

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  • 5 Joints for $30

    Five Pack of 1g Joints for $30, Mixed Shake

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