Drift Deals

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  • $32/g Live Resin from Summit Extracts!

    Choose from four strains: Afghani (79.62%), Alien Rocks (78%), Cherry Lime Haze (88.67%), and Golden Goat (88.88%). Or try them all.

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  • Clutch Extracts Live & Cured Resin: $40/g

    High-test live resin and cured resin from Clutch Extracts! Choose from Chocolope, Lucky Charms, Don Shula and Banana Tangie!

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  • $88 ounce of Flower Before 11 am, after 8 pm

    $88 oz of Flower Before 11 am or after 8 pm everyday! Outdoor, big bud, sustainable flower -- Girl Scout Cookies (26%) and Afghani (20.05%). Indoor Grown Popcorn -- OG Kush (24.89%) and Bubbleberry (21.57%)

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  • Nomad Live Resin--High Test, Beautiful THCa Crystals: $50/g

    Choose from Bruce Banner (93.56%), Banana Split (88.81%), and Tora Bora (87.60%)

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  • Wax & Shatter: $20/g

    Shatter strains from Dabs Labs and Clutch Extracts include East Coast Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue #4, Harlequin (31.7% THC, 50.4% CBD), Lucky Charms, Sweet Dreams, and Tangie. Wax: Banana Kush, Dumpster, and Head Cheese.

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