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  • Earthmed Sales Email and delivery Updates

    Goldleaf Delivery: New Shatters Purple Punch, Phantom Mile for $70 and Banana OG for $50. Plus lots of restocked items! Cresco Delivery: Katsu Bubba Kush Live Sugar, Lime Skunk Live Sauce, Durban Poison Live Sauce, Cresco Cookies Live Sauce, Katsu Bubba Kush Liquid Live Resin Cartridges, Sour Diesel Liquid Live Resin Cartridges, Lime Skunk Liquid Live Resin Cartridges. Final Four Pack includes ( 1 Gram Cresco Cookies Flower, Half Gram Bio Jesus Live Sauce, a DJ Flo Roman Candle Joint, and a 25mg Blue Rasberry Gummy for $50) $250 Ounces Cresco Island Sweet Skunk 21% THC Sativa Cresco Alien Dutchess 30% THC Sativa Cresco Outer Space 22% THC Sativa Cresco Durban Poison 26% THC Sativa Cresco Chunky Diesel 27% THC Sativa Hybrid Cresco KT Dawg 24% THC Hybrid Cresco Cookies 24% THC Hybrid Cresco Sour Diesel 26% THC Hybrid Cresco Pineapple Express 23% THC Hybrid Cresco Alien Bubba 29% THC Indica Cresco Bio Jesus 29% THC Indica Cresco OG 18 28% THC Indica Cresco Kubbie Kush 25% THC Indica Cresco Katsu Bubba Kush 25% THC Indica Cresco Gumbo 24% THC Indica Cresco Grand Daddy Purple 17% THC Indica $160 Half Ounces Revolution Gorilla Glue 29% THC Sativa Hybrid Revolution Alien Rock Candy 24% Indica Revolution Cherry Hash Plant 26% THC Indica Hybrid $140 Half Ounces Revolution Spectrum #12 1% THC 15% CBD $125 IESO/Little Egypt Half Ounce IESO Optimus Prime Littles 20% THC Indica IESO Columbian Haze Littles 25% THC Sativa $40 Eighths PharmaCann Cookie Jar 22% THC Indica Hybrid PharmaCann Gorilla Glue 24%THC Sativa Hybrid PharmaCann Blue Dream 23% THC Sativa Revolution Spectrum #12 1% THC 15% CBD High CBD Revolution 24K Gold 21% THC Indica Hybrid PTS Columbia Gold 21% THC Sativa Hybrid PTS Platinum Huckle Berry 19% THC Indica Hybrid PTS LA Sunshine 17% THC Hybrid Cresco Gumbo 21% THC Indica Cresco KT Dawg 23% THC Hybrid Cresco 707 Headband THC 23% Indica Cresco Sour Diesel THC 26% THC Sativa Hybrid Cresco GG#4 27% THC Indica GTI Sour Joker 22% THC Sativa GTI Jack Herer 21%THC Sativa Cresco $15 Edible Mindy's Caramelized Chocolate Marshmallow Graham 25MG THC & 25MG CBD $50 500MG BHO Cartridges Katsu Bubba Kush 85% THC Indica $60 500MG Cartridges Sour Diesel 85% THC Hybrid $25 Roman Candles Grand Daddy Purple 54% THC Indica Dj Flo 41% THC Sativa $12 Pre Rolled Joint 1 Gram Pineapple Express 29%THC Hybrid $35 Shorties Sojay Haze Shorties 25% THC Sativa Lime Skunk 28% THC Sativa Pineapple Express Shorties 28% THC Hybrid Alien Bubba Shorties 29% THC Indica OG18 Shorties 28% THC Indica $50 Cresco Concentrates Chunky Diesel Live Budder 84% THC Sativa Hybrid Bio Jesus Shatter 87% THC Indica Gumbo Live Budder 83% THC Indica Grand Daddy Purple Live Sauce 83% THC Indica Alien Dutchess Shatter 81% THC Sativa $70 Flower Bundle Green Line OG 3.5g 28% THC Green Line OG Roman Candle .5 gram joint 53% THC $120 Concentrate Bundle .5 Gram Lime Sorbet Diamonds 99.94 THC Indica .5 Gram Lime Sorbet Terp Sauce 66% THC Indica $100 Half Shake Lime Skunk 30% THC Sativa Chunky Diesel 24% THC Hybrid KT Dawg 22% THC Hybrid Pineapple Express 23% THC Hybrid Bio Jesus 31% THC Indica Goldleaf $50 500MG Cartridges Vanilla (2:1)(25% THC & 50% CBD)(Hybrid) BlueBerry Lemon (75% THC)(Hybrid) Fruity Pebbles (75% THC)(Hybrid) Grapefruit Haze (75% THC)(Hybrid) $70 Gram Flower Flights 1g Mag Landrace 30% THC Indica 1g Grand Doggy Purple 28% THC Indica 1g G6 29% THC Sativa Hybrid 1g Papaya 24% THC Indica 1g Banana OG 29% THC Indica $50 Shatter G6 Sunrock Shatter (85%THC) Sativa Hybrid Goldleaf Bruce Banner #3 Sunrock Shatter (87% THC) Sativa Hybrid Goldleaf Papaya Sunrock Shatter (81% THC) Indica Goldleaf Grand Doggy Purps Shatter( 69% THC 18% CBD)Indica Goldleaf Strawberry Banana Sunrock Shatter (84% THC) Indica Hybrid $50 Wax Gelato Wax 86% THC Indica Hybrid G6 Wax 86% THC Sativa Hybrid $35 Short Thought Joints Mag Mile Short Thought Joints 29% THC Indica Gelato Short Thought Joints 29% THC Hybrid Corleone Kush Short Thoughts 25% THC Indica Grand Doggy Purple Short Thoughts 30% THC Indica G6 Short Thought Joints 29% THC Hybrid Bruce Banner #3 Short Thought Joints 27% THC Hybrid White Harmony Short Thoughts 10% THC 10% CBD Sativa GTI $130 Pax Era Device and Pods Bundle Pax Era Vaporizer Device Tangie Pod (76% THC) & Brownie Scout Pod (75% THC) $25 incredibles Edibles GTI incredibles Mile High Mint Bar (100MG) GTI incredibles Peanut Butter Buddha Bar (100MG) GTI incredibles Strawberry Crunch Bar (100MG) GTI incredibles Vanilla Affogato Bar (100MG) GTI incredibles Windy City Bar (100MG) GTI incredibles Peach Gummy (100MG) GTI incredibles Red Licorice Gummy (100MG) GTI incredibles Sour Cherry Gummy (100MG) GTI incredibles Sour Green Apple (100MG) GTI incredibles Strawberry CBD Gummy (100%THC & 94%CBD) $25 Dog Walkers Brownie Scout 30% THC Indica Maui Wowie 24% THC Sativa Sour Diesel 25% THC Sativa $50 GTI Wax Kosher Kush Wax 83% THC Indica $50 4gram Flower Flight Colorado Chem 27%THC Sativa Headband 17%THC Sativa Gelato 45 23%THC Indica Blue 22% THC Sativa Natures Grace $60 500MG Cartridges Chicago Blue Dream 82% THC Sativa Jack Herer 86% THC Sativa Bubble Gum 84% THC Hybrid Strawberry Headband 84% THC Hybrid Cannalope Kush 79% THC Hybrid Super Silver Haze 82% THC Sativa Hybrid Green Crack 77% THC Sativa Northern Lights 86% THC Indica Skywalker 86% Hybrid Critical Cure 52% THC 36% CBD Indica PharmaCann $50 Concentrates Alien Jack Live Wax 80% THC Sativa Hybrid Gorilla Glue Live Wax 86% THC Sativa Blue Dream Wax 87% THC Sativa Jillybean Live Wax 82% THC Hybrid Cookie Jar Live Wax 87% THC Indica Hybrid Goobilygoo Wax 86% THC Indica Easy Street Live Wax 87% THC Indica Bubba Fett Rosin 88% THC Indica Grandpa Bub Rosin 87% THC Indica Durban Cookies Rosin 86% THC Indica Chi-Dawg Rosin 80% THC Indica Pupdawg Dreamz 79% THC Indica Jack Flash Star Dog Live Wax 86% THC Indica Lemon OG Live Sugar 87% THC Indica $20 Hash Coins Goober 41% THC Indica Bubba Fett 49% THC Indica Hybrid Grandpa Bub 51% THC Indica Hybrid Chi Dawg 48% THC Indica Hybrid Easy Street 44% THC Indica Hybrid Razzmatazz 44% THC Sativa PTS $50 Concentrates Bruce Banner Shatter 87% THC Hybrid LA Sunshine Shatter 83% THC Hybrid Ghost OG x Blue Dream 86% THC Sativa Hybrid Sour Kush Wax 87% THC Hybrid $60 Concentrates Purple Thai Wax 86% THC Sativa Hybrid $40 Disposable Cartridges Brazil Amazonia 80% THC Sativa Hybrid Platinum Huckleberry 80% THC Indica Hybrid Pineapple 83% THC Indica Starry Night 83% THC Sativa Hybrid Revolution $20 Rocket Joints Keylime Surprise Rocket Joint 34% THC Hybrid Gorilla Glue #4 Rocket Joint 43% THC Sativa Darkstar Rocket Joints 42% THC Hybrid $25 PreRolled 3 Joint Pack 2.4grams Blueberry 26% THC Kandy Kush OG 28% THC $40 Concentrates Rev Remedy Pull N Sap 38% THC 52% CBD $40 Moroccan Melt Blackberry Kush 60% THC $50 HTE (High Terp Extract) Twist Doc's OG 65% THC Indica $50 Moon Rocks Revolution 24K Gold Moon Rocks 59% THC Revolution Bermuda Triangle OG 59% THC Shelbyville $50 Shatter Pink Lemonade Shatter 36%THC 48%CBD Painkiller Shatter 34%THC 55% CBD *These deals are only good while supplies last!! EarthMed Menu Flower SATIVA Cresco Island Sweet Skunk (23% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Alien Dutchess (28% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Durban Poison (22% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Outer Space (22%THC)(Eighths) Goldleaf Ghost Train Haze (25% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Jack Herer #8 (28% THC)(Eighths) GTI Golden Goat (25% THC) (Eighths) GTI Durban Poison (21% THC)(Eighths) GTI Banana Split (22% THC)(Eights) GTI Tangie (19% THC)(Eighths) GTI Maui Wowie (23% THC)(Eighths) INDICA Bedford Grow OG (24% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Katsu Bubba Kush (25% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Bio Jesus (26% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Kubbie Kush (26% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Alien Bubba (28% THC)(Eighths) Cresco OG 18 (29% THC)(Eighths) Goldleaf Magnificent Mile (26% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Grand Doggy Purps (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Purple Punch (28%THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Paris OG (29%THC)(Grams) Goldleaf Papaya (25% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Corleone Kush (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) GTI Black Cherry Soda (22% THC)(Eighths) GTI Brownie Scout (30% THC)(Eighths) GTI Pre 98 Bubba Kush(10% THC & 17% CBD)(Eighths) Nature's Grace Skywalker (27% THC)(Eighths) Revolution Bermuda Triangle OG 28% THC Indica (Eighths) Revolution Blueberry 27% THC Indica (Eighths) INDICA Dominant Hybrid Bedford Grow Dawgma (24% THC)(Eighths) Natures Grace Cheese and Chong (22% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Cookies (26% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Lime Sorbet (28% THC)(Reserve Line Eighths) Goldleaf Banana OG (23% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Holy Grail (28% THC) (Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Gelato (29% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Super Glue (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Strawberry Banana (30% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Larry OG (27% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Revolution Huckleberry Kush (26% THC)(Eighths) Revolution Alien Rock Candy (25% THC)(Eighths) SATIVA Dominant Hybrid Cresco Chunky Diesel (23% THC)(Eighths) Cresco Pineapple Express (29% THC)(Eighths) Goldleaf G6 (29% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Sunny D (28% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf Bruce Banner #3 (29% THC)(Grams & Eighths) Nature's Grace Sour Banana Sherbet #2 (27% THC)(Eighths) GTI Tangieland (19% THC)(Eighths) HIGH CBD Goldleaf Harle-Tsu 8% THC & 15% CBD (Grams) Goldleaf White Harmony (1:1)(Grams & Eighths) Goldleaf AC/DC (20% CBD 2% THC)(Grams & Eighths) GTI OTTO (1% THC & 16% CBD)(Grams & Eighths) PTS Harlequin 7% THC 10% CBD) (Eighths) Shelbyville Sweet Pea (1% THC 14% CBD)(Grams & Eights) Vape Pens/Cartridges Cresco Harlequin CBD Cartridge 2:1 (45% CBD & 24% THC) Goldleaf Pineapple OG/ACDC Cartridge 3:1 (56% CBD 20% THC High CBD) Goldleaf Zkittlez Cartridge (67% THC & 18% CBD High CBD) Goldleaf Tangie Cartridge (63% THC & 22% CBD Hybrid) Goldleaf G6 Cartridge (86% THC Hybrid) Goldleaf Ghost Train Haze Cartridge (84% THC Sativa) Goldleaf Mag Landrace Cartridge (80% THC Indica) Goldleaf Paris OG Cartridge (75% THC Indica) Revolution Alien Orange Candy Cartridge (82% THC Indica) Revolution Alien Rock Candy (83% THC Indica) Revolution Louie XIII (80% THC Indica) Revolution Voo Doo Moon (80% THC Sativa) Revolution Tranquil Elephantizer (82% THC Indica) Revolution Lemon Candy OG Cartridge (82% THC Indica) Revolution Double Gorilla OG Cartridge (85% THC Sativa) Natures Grace Strawburst Disposable (86% THC Hybrid) Natures Grace Apple Jacks Disposable (86% THC Hybrid) Natures Grace Fruity Pebbles Disposable (82% THC)(Hybrid) Natures Grace Tangerine Disposable (81% THC Hybrid) Natures Grace Orange Disposable (38% THC & 49% CBD) Natures Grace Sour Skittles Disposable (86% THC Hybrid) Natures Grace Blueberry Melon Disposable (82% THC Hybrid) Natures Grace Pina Colada Disposable (79% THC Hybrid) Edibles Goldleaf Sativa Milk Chocolate (100MG) Goldleaf White Harmony Milk Chocolate (100MG) Goldleaf Indica Dark Chocolate Sea Salt (100MG) Goldleaf Indica Milk Chocolate Sea Salt (100MG) Goldleaf White Harmony Dark Chocolate (100MG) Cresco Dreamsicle Caramels (100MG) Cresco Vanilla Bourbon Butterscotch Hard Candy (100MG) Cresco Strawberry Sparkling Wine Hard Candy (100MG) Cresco Key Lime Hard Candy (100MG) Cresco Apricot Peach Hard Candy (100MG) Cresco Sativa Iced Tea Lemonade Gummies (100MG) Cresco Sativa Sour Pink Lemonade Gummies (100MG) Cresco Sativa Watermelon Gummies (100MG) Cresco Sour Mandarin Orange RSO Gummies (100MG) Cresco Indica Sour Blue Raspberry Gummies (100MG) Cresco Indica RSO Triple Berry Gummies (100MG) Cresco Cherry 1:1 Gummies (100MG) Cresco Mindy's Cherry Fruit Chews 1:1 (100MG) Cresco Mindy's Mango Fruit Chews (100MG) Cresco Mindy's Strawberry Banana Fruit Chews (100MG) Cresco Mindy's Sativa Chocolate Chip Cookies Bite (25MG) Cresco Mindy's Indica Chocolate Brownie Bite (25MG) Cresco Kiva Dark Chocolate Blackberry (100MG) Cresco Kiva Espresso Terra Bites (100MG) Cresco Kiva Blueberry Terra Bites (100MG) Natures Grace Honey Straws (80MG) Natures Grace Raspberry Dark Chocolate Bar (100MG) Natures Grace Orange Chocolate Bar (100MG) Key Lime Pie White Chocolate Bar (100MG) GTI Sativa Milk Chocolate (100MG) GTI Sugar Free Milk Chocolate (100MG) GTI Sugar Free CBD Milk Chocolate (100MG THC & 113MG CBD) GTI Kalm Corn (90MG) GTI Mari Peppermints Mints (100MG) GTI Betty's Eddies Fruit Chews (100MG) GTI Betty's Berry Bombs (100MG) Revolution Cherry-Limeade Surp (100MG)(Sativa) Revolution Clementine Surp (100MG)(Indica) Revolution Wild Berry Surp (100MG)(2:1) Revolution Sativa Freedom Fudgies (100MG) Revolution Indica Freedom Fudgies (100MG) Revolution Orange Goobies (25MG)(100MG) Goldleaf Cherry Berry Granola Bars (25MG)(1:1) Goldleaf Cherry Berry Granola Bars (50MG)(THC) Goldleaf Sour Strawberry Peach Gummies (2:1)(100MG) Goldleaf Sour Mandarin Gummies (1:1)(100MG) Goldleaf Sour Watermelon Gummies (100MG)(Indica) Goldleaf Blueberry Indica Gummies (100MG) Goldleaf Strawberry Sativa Gummies (20MG & 100MG) Goldleaf Grape Hybrid Gummies (100MG) Goldleaf Green Apple High CBD Gummies (10MG & 100MG) Goldleaf Orange 1:1 Gummies (20MG & 100MG) Cannabis Syringes Goldleaf RSO ACDC (1000MG) Goldleaf RSO Harle Tsu (1000MG) Goldleaf RSO Corleone Kush(1000MG) Goldleaf RSO Mag Landrace (1000MG) GTI RSO Otto (1000MG) Cresco RSO DJ Flo (1000MG) Cresco RSO Gorilla Glue (1000MG) Cresco RSO Harle TSU (1000MG) Cresco RSO Lemon Tonic (1000MG) Revolution RSO Spectra (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Pennywise (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Peppermint Kush (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Painkiller #1 (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Euphoria (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Cannatonic (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Sweet Relief (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO 9lb Hammer (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Hurkle (1000MG) Shelbyville RSO Black Mountain Kush (1000MG) Capsules Cresco CBD Capsules (#10-10MG) Cresco CBN Capsules (#10-10MG) Goldleaf Avexia Tablets (#40- 2.5MG Tablets) (THC only) Goldleaf Avexia Tablets (#40- 2.5MG Tablets) (2:1 CBD:THC) Goldleaf Avexia Tablets (#40- 2.5MG Tablets) (14:1 CBD:THC) PTS THC Capsules (#10-10MG) PTS Indica Sleep Capsules (#10-10MG) Concentrates Cresco King Size 3.5 gram Alien Dutchess Shatter (81% THC) Cresco Reserve Lime Sorbet Live Budder (77% THC) Cresco Reserve Blueberry Space Cake Live Resin (91% THC) Cresco Reserve Northern Lights Live Resin (83% THC) Goldleaf Gelato Budder Sugar (86% THC) Goldleaf Alien Dawg True Budder (85% THC) East Coast Sour Diesel True Budder (75% THC) Revolution THCA Gorilla Glue #4 Powder 1Gram (92% THC) Revolution OG Kush Terpenes (25ML) Revolution Lemon Candy Dragon Tear Twist OG (85% THC) Revolution GG#4 Dragon Tear Twist (87% THC) Revolution Louis XIII Dragon Tear Twist (87% THC) PTS Honey Bucket 3.5 Grams Cronuts #4 (87% THC) PTS Honey Bucket 3.5 Grams Starry Night Wax (88% THC) Moon Rocks Goldleaf G6 Moon Rocks (65% THC Hybrid) Goldleaf Mag Landrace Moon Rocks (57% THC Indica) Goldleaf Grand Doggy Purps Sunrocks (50% THC Indica) Nature's Grace Vanilla Kush Moon Rocks (54% THC Indica)(Eighths) Tinctures GTI Indica Blend GTI Sativa Tincture GTI Pre 98 CBD Tincture PharmaCann Spearmint 1 : 1 Tincture PharmaCann Tangerine CBD Tincture Revolution Cannamist Rasberry Spray Tincture Revolution Wild Orange Spray Tincture Cresco CBN Spray Tincture Cresco Indica Spray Tincture Topicals/Suppository Cresco Extra Strength Pain Cream PTS Body Oil 100mg THC 200mg CBD Shelbyville Topical Bar Shellbyville Suppository 1:1 (4 Pack) Shellbyville Suppository CDB (4 Pack) Shellbyville Suppository THC (2 Pack) Marys Muscle Freeze Marys Medicinals 1:1 Compound Marys Medicinals Indica Gel Pen Marys CBD Gel Pen Marys 1:1 Patch Marys Indica Patch Marys Medicinals CBD Patch Marys Medicinals CBN Patch Nature's Grace Cloud Nine Lotion

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  • $40 8ths

    Pharmacannis - Gorilla Glue, Cookie Jar, Bubba Fett, Blue Dream. PTS - Colombian Gold, Brazil Amazonia, Banana Kush, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies. Revolution- Spectrum 12 High CBD Cresco - Sour Diesel, Gorilla Glue #4, KT Dawg, Gumbo, 707 Headband. GTI - Jack Herer, Sour Joker.

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  • Mix and Match Ounce Discount

    You Can always mix and match eighths or quarters to make an ounce and get a discount! (not Popcorn price) Buy in bulk and Save! Variety is the spice of life! For even bigger discount, buy one strain pre-packaged as a ounce!

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  • 10% Off for Disability, 10% Off for Veterans, 10% Off for Seniors, 10% Off for Kids w Epilepsy

    We offer 10% off for all the above. Only 1 discount per patient. Does not apply to Sale priced items.

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  • Loyalty Program - Extra 5% off

    When you hit 600 points recieve a credit of $30 to your account, no sign up needed, you're already enrolled!

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  • Free Birthday Grams!

    Come in on your birthday and recieve a free gram of your choice (flower only)

    (1 gram / flower only)

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