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ACDC Strain | CBD Hemp Flower

THC 0.0%
CBD 0.0%
ACDC Strain | CBD Hemp Flower
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Everything Hemp Store - Asheboro
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About this product

Strain: ACDC Effect: Subtle mood enhancer with stimulation effects. Helpful with nausea and chronic pain. Smell: Piney and skunky front notes with strong hints of sandalwood and sour lemon. Flavors: Earthy sweetness with juicy citrus undertones. Appearance: Bright green with long but tightly-woven pistils, slightly less resinous than average. CBD %: Max CBD 13.50%  - Total CBD 16.86%) – D9THC 0.08 – Max THC 0.65 IAP is the only Southeast distributor of premium hemp flower with a GMP Certifed and Kosher certified processing facility. Some color and size batch variation is expected in each flower product.

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