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Grow West | Magic Haze Pre-Packaged | 3.5g

Strain rating:
THC 20.4%
Grow West | Magic Haze Pre-Packaged | 3.5g
⅛ ounce
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Magic Haze is a phenotype of Shrieker #3, a sativa-dominant hybrid with Miami Haze x The Cube lineage. Where reality meets the mystical, enter the magic haze with spicy berries, sour lime, and earthy aromas. Journey into the magical haze veil any time of day. Our Premium Flower is expertly hand-trimmed to respect the integrity of the bud and packaged in recyclable, reusable tins to preserve potency. Ticket purchased; journey elevated! Cannabis effects and usage are reported from users' experiences. Your experience with cannabis will be unique as you interact with individual strains. We suggest starting slow and keeping track of the effects in a journal. Life's a journey! We're here to help you enjoy the ride.

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