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  • “The Louis XIII strain I purchased was average at best for what I usually see. I asked to buy the shake on the counter to bake with but was told I couldn't because they were going to bake with it. Find out they rolled $5 joints with it. For the quality of the clinics in the area, this one is not worth a visit. ”

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    Comment from Foothill Caregivers

    Hey Jordan, I apologize for any miscommunication about the shake we have for sell. We, as the budtenders, personally separate the nugs from our shake and use those to roll our house joints. We also pick out the stems and leaves which are used to make our edibles with, but the rest of the shake is placed in a huge jar on top of our counter specifically for our patients. Perhaps our budtender was trying to explain how we also use the same shake to bake with implying its potency. Regardless, whenever you are in the area, please do stop by so we can give you a gram of shake on us for any confusion and thank you for your review!