Gas and Grass Deals

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    Red Card Non-members receive $0.5/gallon discount with any medical purchase. Native Roots Red Card Members receive $0.15/gallon discount, no purchase necessary. Transfer Red Card Membership to Native Roots and receive a FREE TANK of gas up to 25 gallons!

    (activation for discounts given inside)

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  • $0.15 / Gallon Discount!

    Native Roots Red Card Members receive $0.15 cents discount per gallon!

    No purchase necessary, activation given inside

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  • $0.5 / Gallon Discount!

    Red Card Non-members receive $0.5 per gallon discount with any medical purchase!

    (activation given after inside purchase)

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  • Free Rolling Papers

    Leave a Leafly review and get a free pack of rolling papers.

    Valid from 10/28/2016.

    While supplies last

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  • $20 8ths for members!

    BRUCE BANNER & DREAMERS GLASS ($25 8ths for non-members)

    *tax not included

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  • Medical Member Concentrates

    $420 ounce of wax or shatter!

    Valid from 4/15/2017 to 8/3/2020.

    MED only. Members only. Tax not included. While supplies last. Not to be combined with other offers.

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