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Located in Wallingford near Freemont and the U-District. We are right off I-5 and the 45th St. Exit on the West side of UW in Seattle located directly behind Murphy's Bar. We pride ourselves in customer service. We enjoy the experience of getting to know the patients and go to great measures to take care of their individual needs.

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“There isn't really any 'atmosphere' to speak of at Grasshopper, just a small hole-in-the-wall sales area and a modest storefront, but the staff was friendly and the meds of high quality. I experienced no forced sales or condescension during my visit; maybe the other reviewer caught them on a bad day?”

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“I was at this place for several minutes when a heavy set guy named "tom" came to assist me. He made a remark he thought was funny about my cane and the fact that he could fix my crooked back. I felt this was very rude as my back has had multiple surgeries since I was discharged in the military. He eventually took me into the back where he immediately tried to sell me the most expensive meds in the place. I told him several times I had tried meds at other places and I knew what worked but he insisted I spend the extra money on his "product". I was so frustrated I tried to leave several times but he continued to try to stop me. I eventually bought his expensive meds so he would let me leave. I feel like I was corned and treated unfairly and the only way out was to give him money. I beg others to please write reviews on places like this. I feel like I was pressured and because of my back and slow movement I was forced to purchase sub par medicine that of course did not work on my back pain. This was the worst experience of my life since my back was injured and I feel like it's exactly what makes it hard for the rest of us who really really need pain relief. Places like this should be shut down so it doesn't ruin it for those of us that REALLY need help! ”

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