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  • “While it wasn't the worst place I have been, it wasn't the best. The flower wasn't what I had hoped for the price. It did look better than the pictures they posted on their facebook. It smoked like it should, but was nothing special. The BHO, not only was I over charged for it ( Leafly menu said it was $25, I was charged $40 and was told I couldn't get a receipt for it unless I wanted to wait an extra 5 minutes...weird) , but it was harsh, and smelled of BHO, and didn't seem properly purged to me. I can't say I will go back. :(”

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    Comment from Green Knottz

    We apologize for the menu problem; leafly has been having some issues with they're interface; it has since been updated and corrected to our current prices. As for the flower; you said your favorite was sour diesel so we expedited you to our sour diesel cross,"X-Files." Which is soon going in the cannabis cup. The receipt issue; you said you only wanted the BHO so i closed your order and had to reopen a new order for your added item of flower, and you received a receipt for that. Our BHO does smell like BHO - did you mean Butane? Our Extracts are vacuum purged for 2 days - Lab Tested to ensure no residual solvents; some of the best BHO in central oregon. Thank you for the review, see you again soon.