Grohi Station Deals

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  • Wednesday: Spin the Wheel for sweet deals!

    Spend $30 or more and spin our deal-wheel for a discount

    Wednesdays only. One spin per customer, per day.

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  • Top Shelf Strains $25 an eighth after tax!

    GroHi strains Zelly's Gift and Copper Chem are $25 an eighth after tax as long as supply lasts. Save on Top Shelf strains!

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  • Tuesday: $2 Tuesday!

    $2 grams of a selected strain all day.

    Valid from 9/5/2017 to 12/8/2018.

    Tuesdays only. While supplies last. One discounted gram per customer per day.

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  • Mondays: $20 eighths for $15!

    25% off the eighth price for selected strain of the day.

    Valid from 9/5/2017 to 9/6/2018.

    Only valid on Monday. While supplies last. One discount per customer, per day.

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    Saturday is SHATTERDAY! Save some big bucks with a whopping 20% off ALL SHATTER AND CONCENTRATES! That's right, 20% every Saturday on any of our various shatter strains and concentrate cartridges!

    Valid until 2/10/2020.

    Valid Saturday only. Only one discount per transaction.

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  • Friday: $2 off Top Shelf Strains

    Every Friday, get $2 off Top Shelf Strains! Come by and check out our beautiful Top Shelf Strains!

    $2 discount per strain- 1g minimum; discount can be applied to multiple strains from top shelf. Friday's only.

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  • Thursday: Buy one Edible, get one half off!

    Squibs, Gron bars, Shrapnel, Fully baked cookies, and more! Swing by and check out our edibles! Buy one, get one half off!

    Valid Thursdays only. No discounts applied (for this deal) to first edible.

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  • 'Grohi-Hour' Every Week Day from 11-2

    Come visit us on your us on your lunch break and get 10% off any purchase over $20

    Only one discount per transaction

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  • Sunday: Spin the Wheel!

    No minimum to spin the wheel, one spin per customer.

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