Hashish Hut Deals

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  • Weekly Specials

    This weeks specials: $12g, $28 an 8th- Cannalope Haze (S) Banana Kush (I)

    Valid from 2/19/2018 to 2/26/2018.

    We change our specials out each week. If we run out of one strain or both, then it is restocked with new ones so you always have a deal! These specials are usually one Sativa strain and one Indica strain selected from our main lineup for variety. These weekly deal strains are not popcorn or bottom shelf flower. They are simply cycled out of our regular lineup so quality is still a guarantee! Keep an eye out for some of your favorite strains becoming the weekly specials! Stay updated on those weekly deals here on our Leafly page!

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  • Pot Head Deal O' The Day!

    *1)Strawberry Banana shake (H) 25.10% THC - $35/qtr *2)Aghani shake (I) 28.23% THC - $35/qtr *3)Sour Diesel shake (S) 26.73% THC - $35/qtr

    Valid from 1/1/2018 to 7/1/2018.

    These deals are available daily until it's all gone!

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  • Daily Deals

    Hash Sunday - 20% off hash, Medicinal Monday - 20% off CBD, Tincture Tuesday - 20% off tinctures, Wana Wednesday - 20% off Wana, Thirsty Thursday - 20% of all beverages, Fatty Friday - 20% off all joints, Shatterday - 20% off wax and shatter *Daily from 4:00pm - 4:20pm is 20% off the ENTIRE shop EXCEPT the weekly sale flower!

    Valid from 1/1/2018 to 7/1/2018.

    Each day of the week has its own deal here at the Hashish Hut!

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