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Rainmaker Preroll 2pk 1g - Soulshine

Strain rating:
THC 1.2%
CBD 0.0%
Rainmaker Preroll 2pk 1g - Soulshine
1 gram
Have a Heart - Belltown
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About this product

Soulshine Cannabis pre-rolls are 100% indoor grown flower. The per-roll 2-packs include two 0.5g joints (1 gram total), and comes in an eco-friendly box sealed with compostable cellophane to preserve potency and terpenes. Rainmaker is a true 50/50 hybrid made from a cross of Mandarin Sunset x Citral Skunk. Hints of purple are visible amongst its dark green buds. The buds are fluffy and round, featuring thick dark orange pistols and long trichomes. Both aromas and flavors revolve around three main notes: citrus, skunk, and cheese. Ideal for late afternoon to early evening time usage, this strain will leave you in a state of delightful bliss. Rainmaker starts with a heady high that is best for relaxation. Have some snacks on hand as Rainmaker is said to bring on the munchies once your head is in the clouds. Relaxed, uplifted, and feelings of euphoria are all common experiences.

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