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“This place is great, Very knowledgeable and helpful people.....they genuinely care about the people they help!! ”

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“They lost me over a sticker... I switch to this dispensary because of the location. The people are so nice, especially Nick, who is laid back, chill, and knows how to take care of the patient. In regards to the other staff, I would say not so much. I have listed the pros and cons of this dispensary below: Pros: -Great pricing on edibles. Their pricing is very affordable and they have a large selectin of edibles to choose from. -The staff is knowledgeable on cannabis and provide good options for you. - They offer a loyalty program, once you spend $500 you get a $50 credit on anything you want. -If you buy Cresco wax you are given a sticker that you put on a card. After 10 waxes you buy, the next one is free. -The do offer weekly sales. Cons: -You will always wait. There is never anyone at the front door. You walk in and have to wait until someone eventually shows up. There has not been a single time where I was greeted by someone right when I walk in. -Their hours have changed and are terrible. The hours are not conducive to the working 8-5 and 9-6 people at all. They claim that their hours need to be uniform, all days within the week must open and close at the same time, but check out a couple other dispensaries who have fluctuating hours. Also, you would think if that was the case, they would make the hours longer, for their patients, and not cut them down on every day, including Saturday! - Because of the hour change, I would only be able to get there on Saturday. As mentioned in the pros above, they do offer weekly sale, however, by the time I get in on Saturday, almost all their sale options are sold out and not replaced with a similar product. -You are not allowed to call them and ask the team to get your order ready. This is the first dispensary I have ever visited that does not allow this. -If you email them, they will not reply to you, at all. -There is no option online to view an updated menu, no where, not even Leafly or Weedmaps. - I went into the let them know that the gram of wax I got the week prior weighed less than expected. I gave her the packaged and the sticker. She told me that I needed to take a photo of this to prove I am being legit. She then handed back the sticker and package. I wasn't looking for a free gram or anything, I was providing this info to her so that she could possibly let the cultivator know. No care. -And the icing on the cake...In regards to this gram of Cresco wax I bought, last week I forgot to ask for a sticker. I kept all packaging of course and let the girl know that I forgot to get a sticker for this gram of wax. The woman stated to me that she cannot give me one because she would need to pull the cameras to make sure I was not given one. I look at her and I said...wouldn't you just look at my card, see how many stickers I have on there right now and compare it to the amount of Cresco waxes I have purchased? You would then see I am missing one. She looks at me like a deer in headlights and said, "I guess I could." Yet she didn't, and she did not even give me a sticker. There focus is not at all on customer satisfaction. She made me feel like she thought I was lying. Picture posted below. - All 8ths are $60, however, they do offer sale 8ths. Just make sure you can get there during working hours, because by the end of the week they will be out, leaving you stuck to buy the more expensive flower.”

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