Hi Cascade - Eugene Deals

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  • Friendly Friday

    Bring a friend, pick any one of the daily deals to apply to your purchase!*

    OMMP Monday deal exclusive to patients, cannot combine offers in one sale.

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  • Hi Cascade House 1/8ths!

    Come in any day of the week and get 5 different strains of fantastic, high quality buds for just $25 for 3.5g $48 for 7g and $180 for 28g AFTER TAX! These flowers are grown at our very own farm so we've decided to pass on the savings to you!

    Valid from 2/1/2017 to 1/2/2020.

    Daily deal discounts don't apply to flowers covered by this deal.

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  • Wax Wednesday

    Rec customers get 20% off shatter and wax and Med patients can get $5 off each gram of concentrate! Best day to snag something extra tasty from Shango or Clay Wolf!

    Excludes Cartridges not mentioned here, Selection may vary, Wednesday only

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  • NEW Triple Tuesday Deals!

    Now you get triple the deals on Tuesday! 2 grams for $20 Rec or $15 Med on Premium Flowers, $2 off one edible or $5 off two, and $2 off Cartridges!

    Stock may vary, Tuesdays only

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  • OMMP Monday

    Med patients get 20% off their entire purchase!

    Valid from 10/17/2016 to 2/9/2020.

    only on mondays, exclusive to OMMP Cardholders

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  • Shango Sunday!

    We're overhauling Sundays! Now you can get 20% off Shango products AND 25% Off ALL Glass! And we've got some quality stuff at great prices right now!

    Only on Sunday

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  • Shatterday

    On Saturdays we cover the tax on Rec shatter/wax purchases so you get 20% off! And Med patients can get $5 off each concentrate they buy!

    Excludes Cartridges supply and strain may vary, Saturdays only.

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  • High Five Thursday!

    Get 5 Grams of Budtender's Choice Premium Flowers for just $40 Rec or $32 Med! Wifi and Platinum Purple!

    Valid from 2/16/2017 to 1/2/2018.

    Only on Thursday, cannot be combined with other offers, limited to 5 grams.

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