HI Casual Cannabis Astoria Deals

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  • Veteran & Senior Sundays!

    Veterans get 30% off all day! Seniors get 15% off all day!

    (Only restrictions are OLCC regulations) Veteran / Senior discounts are non-stacking on sunday.

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  • Munchies Monday

    | All Edibles are 10% off | All Flower/Extracts with Food names are 10% off! | **Medical Patients** 20% off Daily Deals | ^* Veterans get an EXTRA 5% off! *^ | ^* Seniors get an EXTRA 5% off! *^ |

    These deals only apply on Mondays! | MAX DISCOUNT IS 30% OFF |

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  • Friday Funday - 10% Off Store Wide!

    We're here to make your weekend phenomenal with dank deals on all of our products! 10% Off starting on everything with a multitude of stacking discounts to bring that up!

    Extra 5% off ! STACKING ! Discounts: Seniors(55+), Veterans, & Customers w/ 'Anon' Hi Bag.

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  • Shatter'day (Saturday)

    Every Saturday we run 10%(up to 30%!) off our concentrates/extracts! Shatter, Cartridges, THC-a Crystallite and more!

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  • Thursday

    Come on in to get 10% off store wide! (Some items as high as 30% off!) | **Medical Patients** 20% off Daily Deals | ^* Veterans get an EXTRA 5% off! *^ | ^* Seniors get an EXTRA 5% off! *^ |

    Only valid on Thursdays. MAX DISCOUNT IS 30% off.

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  • Doobie Tuesday

    Stop in Tuesday to get some of our full gram pre-rolls for only $5 before tax! ++ All of our Joint multipacks will be 20% off!

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  • Weedocalypse Wednesday

    All Flower in house is 10% off, some strains as high as 30% off! Other various deals will also be ran on other product categories* (*See "Updates" section to find list of other specials)

    Flower is 10% off for Recreational customers!, 20% off for Medical(OMMP) customers, with a 30% off limit on both groups. Additional !STACKING! Discounts: Extra 5% off for; Seniors (55+), Veterans, & 'Hi Bag' Customers.

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