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Hawthorne Berry Tincture(2oz) by Simply Sol

Hawthorne Berry Tincture(2oz) by Simply Sol
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About this product

2oz Hawthorne Berry Tincture | "The color of love and an incredible PNW native ally for a healthy heart, Hawthorne berry is a powerful antioxidant and all around cardiovascular system booster. This tiny little berry has long been know to pack a passionate punch by neutralizing free radicals, purifying blood and lowering BP, as well as reducing inflammation all around. Hawthorn is often recommended for post (and pre) heart attack care because of these powerful benefits and it’s tangible effect on chest pain. Hawthorn can also effect energetic and emotional ailments, helping to open the heart to giving and receiving love, and can help in healing heartache. It encourages self-love and self-acceptance. As with many heart-acting energy remedies, hawthorn helps us to develop courage. Known for its sweet, delicate flavor and blood red hue, this tincture is tasty and easy to incorporate into the diet via direct to mouth, smoothies, salads. teas, and more. Consciously and gratefully foraged from native growth at Simply Sol farm Extracted in alcohol." - Simply Sol

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