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Oregon Grape Root Tincture(2oz) by Simply Sol

Oregon Grape Root Tincture(2oz) by Simply Sol
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About this product

2oz Bitter Grape Root Tincture | "Oregon Grape Root is a very beneficial for immune system boost and respiratory support, working in our cabinet as a helpful herb for cold and flu season. Oregon Grape is also great for balancing gut health and settling upset stomachs and supporting healthy liver function. This native Oregon plant is a true multipurpose herb due to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic, digestive stimulant, immune boosting and anti-inflammatory properties to name a few. Some studies have shown that Oregon Grape’s main component Berberine is thought to slow down the mobility of the intestinal tract in those with diarrhea; it also inhibits the growth of bacteria and helping to prevent infections (particularly throat, intestinal, and urinary tract infections). This tincture has a slightly bitter taste, a common indicator for liver and digestive health, and mat either be taken directly under the tongue or added to a smoothie or tea for more sensitive palettes." - Simply Sol

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