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28g Fire OG (Greenhouse) - Humble Root

Humble Root
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THC 0.0mg
CBD 0.0mg
28g Fire OG (Greenhouse) - Humble Root

About this product

<b>Product Details</b><br> Prepare for a deep and restful slumber with this 28 gram bag of greenhouse cannabis showcasing the Fire OG strain from Humble Root. Known for its Lemon Pledge-like aroma and potent, long-lasting euphoric effects, Fire OG gets its name from the frosty red hairs that give the strain an appearance as if it's ablaze. It's an excellent choice for those seeking a peaceful night's sleep.<br> <br> <b>Strain Lineage</b><br> Fire OG, also known as "Fire OG Kush," is an Indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush and SFV OG Kush.<br> <br> <b>Possible Effects</b><br> Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy<br> <br> <b>Flavor Notes & Aromas</b><br> Lemon, Pine, Sweet

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