Gram Up Deals

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  • Wake and Bake SPECIAL!

    Place your order before Noon and receive free top -shelf Pre-roll on us!

    Valid from 12/31/2000 to 2/8/2020.

    Good Morning

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  • First Time Patients

    First Time Patients - Free Preroll or edible with your order!

    Valid from 12/30/2000 to 2/7/2020.

    First time patients

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  • Buy Two get One Free!

    Buy two pre-rolls get one free DEAL! We hand-roll your joints right before we deliver to you. We want to ensure a smooth, clean hit of freshly ground bud, every day $10 each

    Valid from 1/1/0001.


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  • Review-Preroll and edible

    Receive a Free Top-shelf Preroll and edible on us when you leave a Review on your next order!

    Valid from 4/3/2016 to 2/6/2020.


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  • First Time Members

    Leave us a review on Yelp (Weel Deliver) or Leafly and receive (2 week trail) on us! For details please call (916)426-6638

    Valid from 5/17/2016 to 5/17/2020.

    must be first time patient/member

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