Kefi Kanna

Kefi Kanna

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Pets: 600mg: Whole Spectrum CBD Oil With Hemp & Krill Oil

kefi kanna
THC 0.3%
CBD 20.0%
Pets: 600mg: Whole Spectrum CBD Oil With Hemp & Krill Oil
Kefi Kanna
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|353.6 miles away

About this product

As animal lovers, we had to formulate a safe and effective blend for our furry friends! We’ve blended organic hemp seed oil with our whole spectrum hemp extract and some Krill oil. We use golden hemp seed oil as the carrier because overtime, MCT oil is hard on cats stomaches. Our low temperature extraction process preserves the properties of the hemp terpenes for maximum efficacy, and krill oil has been shown to have a variety of health benefits, including an improvement in brain development, healthier skin and coats, and a stronger immune system. Every animal reacts differently, so we recommend to begin dosing with 2.5mg for every 25 pounds. All of our products are single sourced and third party lab tested, and we are involved in every step of the operation from the moment the seeds are planted in the ground until the final product reaches you.

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