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    We currently have 2 different kinds of sap and 6 different kinds of shatter on sale for $25 a gram. The 2 strains of sap are going to be Happy Hippy (Sativa), and Deathstar (Indica). Both Hush Brand. The 6 strains of shatter are going to be Kryptonite (Indica), Harambe Glue (Hybrid), Tropical Kush (Sat-Hybrid), Gorilla Glue #4 (Hybrid), Sweet Tart (Ind-Hybrid), and Quantum Kush (Sativa). Each one is going to be a beautiful yummy golden color, and they all pack a really decent THC percentage. (Available while supplies last)

    Valid from 4/27/2017 to 6/28/2020.

    Medical $20/Gram Recreational $25/Gram Happy Hippy Deathstar Kryptonite Harambe Glue Tropical Kush Gorilla Glue #4 Sweet Tart Quantum Kush

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    We are constantly going to be having $6 grams. The strains themselves will fluctuate do to how much we sell, but we strive to have the best deals in town. We try our hardest to have not only the biggest, but the most affordable selection you'll find in all of Oregon.

    Valid from 4/27/2017 to 6/27/2020.

    $5 for Medical Patients and $6 for Recreational Patients

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