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Lighthouse Organics is a family run dispensary that provides quality care, education, and 100% organically grown medicinal cannabis to the state of Montana. Dispensary locations currently cover both Kalispell, MT and Billings, MT. __________________________________________________________________ Lighthouse Organics has chosen a more natural approach when growing in that we do not use pesticides, or synthetics. We are 100% hands on with each individual plant (from seed to harvest) in order to ensure the best, clean, naturally grown medicine available. Quality, Care and Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Lighthouse Organics focuses on terpenes and medicinal content when it comes to choosing the right strains for our patients. We do our best to individualize as we understand each patient has varying needs. It is our desire to continue researching, always looking for newer methods in order to gain a better understanding that we may better serve our patients. We generally carry a wide range of both India and Sativa strains as well as Hybrids and Strains bred exclusively by Lighthouse Organics. Lighthouse Organics carries many types of topicals (salves, balms, soaps and bath bombs), edibles (candies, treats, gluten free snacks, cooking oils and infused honey) as well as concentrate/extractions, Tinctures and CBD/THC Pills. **Important Note:** Lighthouse Organics will only serve those Montana cardholders who have designated Lighthouse Organics as their provider. We strictly adhere to SB-333 guidelines and are well versed in Montana's Medicinal law. Find us also on Instagram @Lighthouseorganics as well as on Facebook


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