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Maggie's Farm - Manitou Springs
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Maggie's Farm - Manitou Springs

Manitou SpringsColorado
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Clementine Kush [1g]

Pure Blaze
Strain rating:
THC 20.7%
Clementine Kush [1g]

About this product

Precision Packed with industry leading equipment & staff. Minimal Handling to ensure the best product integrity. Made from Full Flower, never trim or shake. Clean Green Certified - this certification mirrors USDA Organic criteria. Sustainably Cultivated so you dont have to check your principles at the door. Sun-grown to achieve the optimal potency levels and robust Terpene profiles. Portion of proceeds go to local horse sanctuaries. ---------- Bursting with skunky fruit flavors and a gripping system-wide high, this indica hybrid produces a powerful nectar for the weary and afflicted alike. Bred from Tangerine Sunrise and Gupta Kush, Clementine Kush is foremost a treat for the eyes with its luscious blanket of trichomes interwoven with fiery orange hairs atop hefty pea-green buds. But below the surface, youll find an exhilarating mental high alongside an intense body stone thats shown promise in managing a wide range of troubles, from anxiety and ADHD to GI issues and chronic pain.

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