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Stiiizy Cart 1g Apple Fritter

Strain rating:
THC 92.7%
CBD 0.2%
Stiiizy Cart 1g Apple Fritter

About this product

Unlock a world of premium cannabis, expertly crafted with nature's finest terpenes, situated conveniently at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey. Introducing the Stiiizy Cart 1g Apple Fritter, it promises an unwavering aroma and savory flavor that guarantee an unmatched experience every time. Appreciate the meticulous purity and innovative techniques in our concentrates that elevate the industry standards. This hybrid strain, infused with a mouth-watering blend of apple and citrus, presents a delightful gustatory journey. Take a dive into its sweet, hoppy taste profile, evoking the nostalgic feel of biting into a warm apple fritter, dusted with cinnamon. Delivering a symphony of euphoria and bouts of soothing giggles, its potent effects are ideal for unwinding as the night falls, leaving a calming body high and serene head high. Located in lovely Marina Del Rey, CA, MMD Shops is your local dispensary haven tucked right next to the beach. Well revered for over a decade of experience, it is a branch of four Southern California dispensaries, dedicated to serve your cannabis needs. Just a stone's throw away from Santa Monica, Cannabis enthusiasts can revel in the medical weed selection that reinforces MMD's steadfast commitment to quality. Come experience the allure of our Marina Del Rey store, where our expertise turns into your journey of discovery.

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