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Stiiizy Cart 1g Pineapple Runtz

Strain rating:
THC 91.2%
CBD 0.2%
Stiiizy Cart 1g Pineapple Runtz

About this product

Introducing MMD Shops Marina Del Rey's prominent product, the Stiiizy Cart 1G Pineapple Runtz; it stands as a testament to consistent quality in the world of cannabis. Hailing from nature's rich flora, the botanically derived terpenes infused in this product ensure a remarkably balanced aroma and flavor. Bursting with a robust fusion of sweet and fruity berry notes, the Pineapple Runtz serves as a true sensory delight. Experience a feeling of relaxed euphoria every time you partake, elevated by its radiant uplifting effects. The purity and potency of this 1G Pineapple Runtz demonstrate the industry-standard quality of Stiiizy products. The resulting consistent experience is an innovation inspired by the best methods in the cannabis industry. Situated near the scenic beach, MMD Shops holds its place as an esteemed Marijuana Store in Marina Del Rey, CA. Serving your cannabis needs in four Southern California locations, MMD Shops assures a memorable dispensary experience in the midst of Santa Monica. Established in 2006, MMD Shops brings over a decade of knowledge and insight into the captivating world of cannabis products. The impressive lineup of medical weed and superior dispensary services has marked MMD Shops as a Cannabis Dispensary of choice in Marina Del Rey. For the discerning customer seeking an immersive cannabis journey, Stiiizy Cart 1G Pineapple Runtz at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey promises to deliver.

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