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Nectar - Hillsboro

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Swiss Watch | Eighths

THC 24.5%
CBD 0.1%
Swiss Watch | Eighths
Nectar - Hillsboro
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|2336.1 miles away

About this product

True excellence is art, science and a bit of magic that comes from a phenomenal team. At Alibi, quality matters! Their cannabis is grown with decades of passion, experience and attention to detail while producing unique strains that are slowed cured for a consistent high. As a woman-owned company, they offer top shelf cannabis at affordable prices. Swiss Watch, a child of Gary Payton (heavy hybrid indica x heavy indica) and Runtz is an offspring. It has the star quality of Gary Payton but is softened with the sweet Runtz aroma. The batch contains medium-sized, large violet flowers that are densely packed with calyxes. Contrasting with the bright purple flowers, their stubby and pale orange pistils are a striking contrast. All of them have been dusted frosty white, covered by light layers waxy trichomes. Swiss Watch's aroma is strong and thick with an unpleasant, rubbery smell that has been softened by a fruity, peppery glaze. This strain is a strong hybrid and has sedative effects.

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