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OGEEZ RSO Gummies 100mg - Raspberry Orange

THC 118.3mg
OGEEZ RSO Gummies 100mg - Raspberry Orange

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A fruit match made in heaven. This berry citrus mashup is bursting with flavor. We’re talking freshly picked raspberries and the juiciest sun kissed oranges. The sweet and tangy flavor keeps us reaching for just “one more.” But who are we kidding? Teaming up these flavors is always a win for those taste buds. NO BITTER TASTE: From the first bite to the last, Peg’s RSO tastes great without any bitterness or aftertaste. ACCURATE DOSING: Consumers can now effectively manage dosing without having to eyeball it with a syringe. GOOD FOR BOTH MEDICAL & ADULT USE: With Peg’s RSO being offered in a 10mg option, it is suitable for all consumers Delicious flavor • Made from scratch • Fully infused • Never sprayed or massaged • Full panel tested • Premium extracts • No bad aftertaste • Free from chemicals and solvents

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