Oregon Medigreen Deals

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  • Hush Concentrate Sale

    1g Degenerate BHO $15 including tax! 1g Hush Cartridges $20 including Tax!

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  • Hindu Kush 22% $5g or $15 1/8

    Hindu Kush 22% $5g or $15 1/8

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  • Wed Special 10% off all flower not already on special

    10% off all flower that is not already on special, all day Wednesday

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  • $3 grams Blowout sale!

    Deadhead x NYC Diesel 24.51% THC (sativa dominant hybrid) Purple Afghani 20.11% THC 0.15% CBG (Indica) Juicy Fruity 17.88% THC (sativa dominant hybrid) UK Cheese 17.35% THC (hybrid) Double D Sour D 16.47% THC (sativa dominant hybrid) Lamb's Bread Sour Diesel 16.39% THC (sativa dominant hybrid) Blue Dream 13.17% THC (sativa dominant hybrid) La Blanca 12.02% THC (hybrid) Cannatonic 5.8% THC 18.2% CBD (CBD Hybrid) $3 a gram $10 an eighth including tax!

    While supplies last

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  • Saturday Special Buy 3g or more of concentrate and get $5 off each gram*

    $5 off per gram $2.50 off per .5 gram when you buy a total of 3 grams or more of any concentrate or cartridge*

    *Does not include Siskiyou Sungrown Products

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