Pot Stop - Seattle Deals

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  • All Day Happy Hour EVERYDAY!

    Why wait til' happy hour to find happiness? We now offer our epic happy hour pricing from open to close, so you don't have to wait, to get the best deals! $5 Grams, $3 Edibles, $5 Full Gram Joints! $16 grams of Oil, $15 grams of Kief, $20 100mg Edibles!

    Valid from 4/25/2018 to 6/22/2019.

    *All prices are post state and local tax and are in compliance with all local and state laws. Must be 21 or over.

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  • Topical Thursday!

    Every Thursday we will have deal on all topical products. Some of our favorites, Flowgel from Fairwinds & Ethos Muscle Melt. Deals will change as move through inventory.

    Deals are subject to change week to week. all discounts are taxable.

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  • Wax Wednesdays!

    Wednesdays we will select a few wax products that will be discounted. New deals will be selected each week! don't miss Wax Wednesdays!

    This deal is only valid on Wednesdays deals will be subject to change each week.

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  • Tell us what you think

    Tell us how your experience with Pot Stop went. Leave us your honest review on Leafly, Weedmaps, Google, or Yelp. Bring it in and show to a budtender to receive 20% off your order.

    Valid until 2/10/2020.

    In accordance to all state and local regulations.

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  • Two Gram Tuesday!

    Every Tuesday we will be giving $2 off all strains that come in 2 grams. Items will change as we go through inventory.

    While supplies last, Discount is taxable, subject to WSLCB rules and regulations

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  • Munchie Mondays

    Each month we will have a selection of edibles that will be $1-$4 off. Products will change month to month. Month of March will be Winterlife Cookies and ZootBites

    While supplies last, Discounts are taxable.

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  • Pink Tag Special!

    Stop in and look out for the pink tags! We've got a rotation of all kinds of products that are on special for anywhere between 5-20% off!!! Current pink tag items: Dynamic Harvest 1g - $11 / 3.5g - $36

    While supplies last, Discount is taxable, subject to WSLCB rules and regulations.

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