Pot Stop - Seattle Deals

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  • Pink Tag Special!

    Stop in and look out for the pink tags! We've got a rotation of all kinds of products that are on special for anywhere between 5-20% off!!! pink tag items All Elements 1g/3.5g, Green Acres Cookies & Cream 3.5g/7g, Cedar Creek Chem Dawg 3.5g, Super Natural Cannabis 3.5g/ 14g Royal Tree White Fire 1g

    Valid from 11/16/2017 to 5/17/2018.

    While supplies last, Discount is taxable, subject to WSLCB rules and regulations

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  • Tell us what you think

    Tell us how your experience with Pot Stop went. Leave us your honest review on Leafly, Weedmaps, Google, or Yelp. Bring it in and show to a budtender to receive 20% off your order.

    Valid until 2/10/2020.

    In accordance to all state and local regulations

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  • Sweet Sales while supplies last!

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with new Verdelux hard candies for just $4. We've also got Jackpot Seaweed: purple sherbert at $30/ 3.5g , Supernatural Cannabis Co $28/ 3.5g, Silkie Farms $9/g $30/ 3.5g, and more!.

    Valid from 11/19/2017.

    While supplies last.

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