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Lemon Gluten Free Cookie THC 100MG

THC 98.2mg
Lemon Gluten Free Cookie THC 100MG
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About this product

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our zesty Lemon Big Cookie, infused with 100mg THC from full-spectrum coconut oil. Made with premium ingredients, including tangy lemon juice, creamy coconut oil, and gluten-free flour, this cookie is perfect for those with gluten sensitivities. PRODUCT DETAILS: A unit includes 1 Big Cookie with 10 scored servings, each 10mg THC, the entire package contains 100mg THC. The Big Cookie is packaged in a continuously child-resistant Pinch ‘n Slide bag, with a tamper-evident seal on top. No exit bag needed. These cookies have a 16 week best-by date that begins once the product is prepared for delivery. Like all Laurie + MaryJane products, it is infused with house-made full-spectrum coconut oil.

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